31 December 2000

Nepal Road Transmission No. 2 (Annette Andrews)


(Lumbini, Nepal)

Leaping into the next pool of expansion is easier said than done. Each time I have planned a big adventure I still hesitate in the last moments. Just before walking out the door and locking it, often forever, behind me, I must take a big, fortifying breath of trust.

The wildest fear come to fruition is less terrifying when encountered out on the street, than when it's met traipsing about the indoors of an imaginative mind at 4 in the morning. Even so, we resist engaging with deep longing and pretend the goading whispers that call us to wreak havoc on the foundation of our unchanging patterns are unintelligible.

Closing doors behind us and stepping out into our Unknown requires courage. But once the leap is taken all details DO fall into place, and fears DO transform from unmanageable, shadowy gremlins into surmountable, challenging peaks calling to be navigated with a grin.

The journey, the teachers, the understanding, the insights belong to a magical realm outside of a comfortable mind and body, and are the jewels contained within the rich mandala we all share, and which is accessible to all of us - if we step out the door.

Unlike the physical self, the mind neither goes nor arrives, but is there waiting patiently to be recognized, spacious and vast. No matter which gate of the mandala you enter, you always arrive to the centre.

We are the activity of our mind. Taking a leap into our Unknown is entering a mandala of knowing and learning unique to our longing. Leaping into Unknowns unifies us with a self of spaciousness that zooms out well beyond former constricted notions, judgments, and misconceptions.

The knowing happens from within, peace is arrived to from within, and all can be known by renouncing what is without, disengaging from ways in which we allow emotionality, like irrational fear, to shroud our innate, clear wisdom.

Maybe that's why the Jungian imagery that pops out at us when we are traveling strikes us like a cinematic dream directed for our eyes only, and cuts with precision to the bone of the subconscious. Fearless actions burrow deep identifying us with our deepest, symbolic, metaphorical selves; a tapestry of knowing, a seamless mind woven with each obstacle met eye to eye, gut to gut.

When this happens, when the guts of the ego mind, the grasping, the attachment begin to dissolve into spaciousness, we are able to begin to acknowledge with the deepest of sincerity our unique faults, limitations, and bad habits, and completely renounce the ways in which we feed and allow our misconceptions and fears to be fed.

When the 'magic' mandala is fearlessly entered this way, through the gate of the unknown, we become known.

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Location:Boudha, Nepal


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