25 January 2008

Each Day A Wake


This blog is for us.

Mystics of all traditions implore us to live lucidly. They inspire us in poetry and words, in art and song. Words and ideas are maps of realities; they are notes left in moments of lucidity, so to not be forgotten, so to inspire.

They are reminders left for all of us.

Great mystics and writers have screamed out from their madness - wake-up now! and see!
But what are they asking of us? Nothing.

They are in brilliant generosity and unabashed selfishness driven to rouse us from the sleep of ignorance. It is magic that we find ourselves, and one another each morning. After so many hours from the slumber, dark and complete like death, we are resurrected and tumbled into a new day, reborn.

We rejoice again the day. We mourn again the moments passed, the experiences completed. And in it all is the repeated act of forgetting. Life, a recurring dream never remembered.

When inspiration arrives to a moment of our life, it cannot be wrenched away. Upon its shoulders we are carried as though we've won something big. But then the cheering as quickly subsides. We drop to the dirt - a star, enjoyed in shooting joy.

But we know there is something beautiful out there. The experiences of life, exalted, are a guide book for the places we appear again anew in joy and suffering. It is the artist that jolts us into again awareness. The mystic who guides us back into the ring for another round.

They scream at us to remember THIS moment! For they know, even to them it will in morning be lost. Words, a tether to the inspiration that tugs at humanity to ascend.
"... the street runs like a jagged knife wound. I am walking in blood, my heart on fire. Tomorrow all this will perish, and I with it. Beyond the wall the devils are tuning up. Faster, faster, my heart is afire!"

(Henry Miller,
Walking Up and Down in China)
Through the artist, humanity is exulted. Through the mystic, the lay person finds grace. And in this grand and continuous rite of sepulture of little and big death, through words etched by wise and brave, selfish and carefee, we will together celebrate.

A wake.

This blog is for us.


Anonymous said...

Hi miss,
Spending time reading your blog has been such a peaceful moment... Just as if, indeed, we were chatting together. Thanx for that. By these days, I'm working on an article based on the figure of the dragon in Miyazaki's anime "Spirited away". Consequently, I think a bit of you while I'm preparing this paper & I'm travelling through asian's mystics. 'Eager to see both of you again, dears. Keep on writing. Ciao belli ! Nath 2 Poit' (if you have time, come & see my blog at http://nathaliedufayet.blogspot.com/)

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