28 January 2008

Old Soul


We all know someone who has bandied the phrase: "He/she (or even I) am and old soul". But, what does it mean ? Can we ever know the soul and its ways?

At very least, the popular expression hints at a desire to know more of the workings of an abstract component of existence. Great spiritual teachers speak to humanity on behalf of this, its greatest misunderstanding yet most essential component.

The soul is a construct to us, shrouded in abstraction that reaches beyond the sensory gate. Unlike love, a state with a ferocious appetite for all that is sensory, and very loudly and clearly perceivable when it arrives to our lives, soul is quiet.

St. John of the Cross, known to some as the 'mystical doctor', is the one to consult for a precise biography into this profoundly illusive and essential component of, if not sole reason for, our human existence.

In his literary masterpiece, Dark Night Of The Soul, he offers a rare, insightful expose that illuminates the needs of this noble subject, and presents a decoded lexicon of communication for its voiceless presence.

It's not an easy book to read. St. John Of The Cross identifies the nourishment that feeds the soul with unwavering understanding and eerie compassion. It is a rendering that seizes the seeker with a step-by-step consideration of another universe that is the soul's haunt. It is an infinite reservoir of inspiration and demonstrates mystical perception at its best.


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