17 February 2008

Baited Not Fed


Leaving clues along the way, picking them up, examining them like the first time. Spiritual objects are like photos of old lovers. It's like the face of an old lover that no longer looks like love to you. Or maybe he still does. It’s this way.

The love is nothing you or he possessed, but it’s gone just the same. The external link you had to the experience of love was a face, a touch, a smell. Maybe you linked love to an image of yourself too, but this is rare.

And it’s the same with spiritual objects; little icons on an alter, linking to a matrix of belief.

What is practicing anyway if not a reminder?

Because if we consider spiritual practice in the context of the flickering flame metaphor, mine goes out. And how does anyone begin to look for a flameless candle in the dark?

It's like looking at a picture of your ex-lovers face and being reminded of a rational place where you remember the idea of loving. Not love, not the feelings anymore, just an icon that says 'love was here'.

The 'not feeling' love anymore is the snuffed out candle.

Staring at a photo of an old flame requires an act of recollection. And, the act demands you to believe, or not, that love blew up between two people.

You've got to fumble around with nothing in nothing.

Nothing but a memory - of light, of love - burned into your mind. And, the unshakable knowing that a flame had revealed itself.


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