01 March 2008

The Child Is Danced


When the black crow soars beneath a crescent moon and the clouds part ever so delicately and the moment of 'knowing' our thinking minds are waiting to capture in an idea and hold it up against other ideas to be sure it measures up to the happiness yardstick, be sure it looks like we think it should look, might just appear like magic and then we might know happiness, just might be happier, just might glimpse happy itself ....

'Why am I not happy?' Peering upward or head down the unhappy person pleads with the universe to grant happiness, deliver happiness to its misapprehending mind in a form the mind can know, can trap, can dissect.

Sadness is trying too hard to catch a formless, thoughtless, wordless combustion of joy in the butterfly net of the mind.

If we ask a child to tell us why they are happy, or why they are dancing blissfully on the grass in the front yard with sticks poking their feet and grass stains on their pants and twigs in their hair - what would they say?

When a child is caught in the ecstasy of outrageous dance, swirling and spinning across their garden ballroom, giggling hysterically, rapt in a moment of bliss spinning and spinning - just what would they say to a grown-up head bursting their bubble?

A strange look, a cocked head, a frown, maybe a giggle, and then the dance would resume itself.

The child, danced by life, is happy.
This life, a Divine creation, their spontaneous joyful partner.

(Swirling Dervish, Sufism)


Erin said...

So true....If we could just forget about trying to be happy and just let it come through life's little pleasures (like a child dancing in the grass). Keep the simple adult responsibilities and self care, but allow the ability to let go, forgive, and enjoy every minute of life.

FlyingDakini said...

yes. absolutely. if we could enjoy like a child enjoys, then happiness would come easy ... and we would grow in an uninhibited, creative ways too - including the way our mind creates constructs and forms opinions. our perspective would shift to an open sense of curiousness about life. and if we could accomplish this way of being, then the weaving together of all of our experiences and the meaning produced, might become the most beautiful creative act...

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