31 May 2008

There Is Music In Your Head


For me, music has always been a one way cat door, swinging inward and slamming shut.

We all know there is music in our bodies, wanting to burst out - but personally, I thought I just needed to dance more, more, more!

Until I watched this.

People love music - but, for many of us, we don't make music because we don't know how to make music. That's why MIT's inspired approach to reaching the music in all of us, touched me in a way Stairway to Heaven never did.

"Tod Machover of MIT’s Media Lab is devoted to extending musical expression to everyone, from virtuosos to amateurs, and in the most diverse forms, from opera to video games. He and composer Dan Ellsey shed light on what’s next."
Knowing there are people who are creatively conspiring to find ways of extracting the personal symphonies, rock concerts, and piano solos from each and every one of us who are musically illiterate or physically restricted, gives me shivers.

By the end, I felt like someone had promised to teach me to read. Finally (deep sigh), musical illiteracy no more.



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