15 November 2009

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Mark Weaver's interpretation of the year 1959 in his 'Make Something Cool Every Day' project.  (See more of Mark's visual takes on the era's at his Behance page.)

Coincidentally, 1959 is the year of the failed Tibetan uprising, and the year the Dalai Lama fled Tibet. I love how the red circle appears as a fan obstructing the mouth, the voice, of the demure woman who is in the same instant flashing a white circle to the viewer.

I am reminded of the Latin "occludere", at times translated as "shut up", and the English word 'occlusion' :

1 : the act of occluding : the state of being occluded: as

a : the complete obstruction of the breath passage in the articulation of a speech sound

b ... the relation between the surfaces when in contact

2 : the front formed by a cold front overtaking a warm front and lifting the warm air above the earth's surface


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