17 November 2009

Crave Ache : Change & Imperfection Go Hand in Hand


"Truth does not need to be comforting;
if some have found it so, so much the better for them."

(street art by Five Four at The Brick Gallery)

"If Ignorance is the cause of suffering, then the opposite, Awareness, is the remedy.  Ignorance cannot live in the same heart as real Knowledge. Recognize the latter and Ignorance will have been severed at the root.  Without Ignorance ignorant desires no longer can arise, nor the Action loosed by them. When useless activity is stopped, the Wheel is deprived of its motive power and stops turning.  Action is no longer needed when once the harmony of Knowledge has been achieved. In real Knowledge there can be no action, because there is nothing to change or to improve. Change and imperfection go hand and hand.  Once Enlightenment has been attained, the Wheel of Change comes to rest in Eternity, in which there is no action and no rebirth or death. Action breeds action indefinitely. Enlightenment breeds Enlightenment eternally."


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