11 November 2010

Remind Me (Röyksopp)


Remind Me ... What is Simulacrum

The simulacrum is never what hides the truth - it is truth that hides the fact that there is none. The simulacrum is true. (Ecclesiastes)

From YouTube User UrAverageMystic :
This video always brings to my mind Baudrillard's Precession of Simulacra as well as Marx's warning of the capitalist tendency to degrade all human sentimentalities into exchangable commodities ... . 

From The Precession of Simulacra (Baudrillard) :
... it is here, everywhere, in the metropolises, in the White community, in a world completely catalogued and analyzed, then artificially resurrected under the auspices of the real, in a world of simulation, of the hallucination of truth, of the blackmail of the real, of the murder of every symbolic form and of its hysterical, historical retrospection - a murder of which the Savages, noblesse oblige, were the first victims, but that for a long time has extended to all Western societies. 


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