02 December 2010

Pictures of Garbage (Vik Muniz)


Pictures of Garbage (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) Vik Muniz 

Vik Muniz' work was the subject of the documentary Wasteland set in the worlds' largest  metropolitan landfill, Jardim Gramacho (“Gramacho Gardens") in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Vik Muniz captured in unique portrait some of the residents of this landfill who pick recyclable materials for a living by creating their images using the very materials they live in, collect, and depend upon for survival. 


Anonymous said...

The Brazilan people are so resilent and inspiring. What a moving documentry. I will always feel different about Brazilian's now.

FlyingDakini said...

Yes. Absolutely. The documentary touched me so deeply, the resilience and knowledge of self-worth, the pride of being a living human being, never disappeared. Quite remarkable.

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