27 December 2010

Timeless Love (Marrie Bot)


"Love later in life is not revolting or strange but very natural, and ... naked people of an advanced age are not repell[ing] or frightening." 

Timeless Love by Marrie Bot at Galerie VU


Prof Rhonda Nay said...

Congratulations - this is fantastic and should be viewed by a much wider audience!

FlyingDakini said...

Thank you for viewing. I agree. I'm try try trying to get ideas and images and different ways of seeing out there, but it takes time to get some bigger viewership. I am happy you appreciate Marrie Bot's work as much as I. It's inspiring. Annette

AD said...

Excellent, freeing, thought-provoking imagery, I totally agree the world needs to see more of this sort of thing. Thank you!

tobeimean peter said...

Imagine someone showing these photos in a period like the 1950's ? It's amazing to me how much our aesthetics have evolved over the last half-century or so. Marvelous work.

Carina said...

Love is for ever!

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