26 August 2011

Impermance is in Everyone's Face (When the Iron Bird Flies)


"Impermanence is in everyone's face."' (Fleet Maull). Aint that the truth. 

(And Fleet would know himself a Buddhist teacher with an experiential past of personal angst, he now works extensively with the impressive Prison Dharma Organization in the US.)

This preview of the documentary When the Iron Bird Flies unbraids the relevance of Tibetan Buddhism in the west in the 21st century. As one might expect it delves a contemplative headfirst into piercing, unsettling questions of personal discontent, dissatisfaction, ennui, and spiritual malaise that are always there in the back of our minds (say after work on Friday).

The title originates in Tibetan prophecy and, as prophecies go, the meaning of the land of the Red Man is somewhat of a riddle. Some have taken this to mean the land of the North American Native Indian, hence the relevance to Tibetan Buddhism appearing in the West (and largely a result of the works of a prolific and controversial Buddhist teacher and founder of Shambhala, Chögyam Trungpa):

When the iron bird flies,
 and horses run on wheels,
The Tibetan people will be scattered
 like ants across the World,
And the Dharma will come
 to the land of the Red Man.

(The Chronicle Project goes into the life of Chögyam Trungpa.)

WHEN THE IRON BIRD FLIES: Tibetan Buddhism Arrives in the West from Chariot Videos on Vimeo.


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