26 August 2011

Julie Verhoeven (If You Are Happy And You Know It)


Pretty. And unsettling. A gorgeous beauty film (for Another Magazine) created by Julie Verhoeven, who set the film to Seasons in the Sun by Terry Jacks because:  

It's very cheesy and sentimental and had mass appeal ... but was also very sad.  It upset me as a young child because it made me think about death." 
From Avon's Promise of Heaven to the utilitarian rainbow hammer and notions of disassociated time, to human events imprinted onto commodified objects that then snuggle into our collective memory bank of identity. It's all here. One idea that ripped onto my horizon - when we pick up a hammer or a paint brush our hand is instantly rendered a basic implement for hammering, pounding, pullings nails, brushing strokes, or dabbing. 



AD said...

This is excellent, Annette, thank-you! I didn't know Julie Verhoeven but I'm glad I do now...

FlyingDakini said...

YAY! Glad you enjoyed !

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