19 October 2011

Nepal Road Transmission No. 1 (Annette Andrews)


As I rinse out the grey grime from my dull whites and fading blacks, my mind sparkles with the colours of the passing day.

I have always been fascinated with communication in all its permutations from animal behaviour to art, literature to oral histories, languages and culture, society and religion, graffiti to haute couture, and common expressions of creativity born of necessity and struggle.

Traveling is piercing the membrane of the familiar and popping into the richness of other ways that communication happens, it's a new signal for receiving and sharing insights.

Wandering through Nepal from Kathmandu to the Pokhara valley and back to the Vatican of Nepal - Boudhanath - I have sparked conversation and friendship with lamas and locals, engaged in broken missives with street children and those employing all measures to extract the sweetness nestled in the wallets of foreigners. I am dusty with the contradiction and richness of The Strange New Place. Oh, the exfoliating charm of it all, sloughing away preconceptions, scratching at the egos armor, and buff buff buffing away, grime on grime.

Here, Asia also reminds me that others pay dearly for my luxuries of time, money, health, water, and food. And, generally, the people doing the hardcore dirty work in Asia are shiny, resilient and openhearted gems of the sparkling tapestry of our humanity. Just as creative, but more often than at home, manifesting creatively out of necessity, as well as producing art for arts sake.

And what is doing the manifesting? We are not our bodies - this we know but continually lose touch with in a process of second by second amnesia that dogs our every turn - we are our minds.

When the mind is bright even in the midst of severe pollutions of sound and toxins and corruption, the luminosity of the human mind does not fade in its essence. When the mind is bright, the path is never dull. When the mind is consumed with negativity a cloud follows at each turn.

The process of knowing beauty through nature and contrast is a function of the soul, the pure mind seeking to know itself, to know the infinite intelligence of a universe that birthed us.

The plethora of trekkers in Nepal reminds me that we turn to the beauty around us because we are blind to the beauty of our own mind. We seek external forms of beauty to become familiar with beauty, we seek the act of perceiving and creating beauty externally so that we may recognize it within ourselves, so that we might self-realize a bright truth of existence.

One day we are radiant, another day cranky and defensive, our face changes to reflect our state of mind, lit or darkened from within we attract or repel, inspire joy or incite fear, and so on.

There is a sparkle of humanity that radiates in everyone's eyes, regardless of nationality, profession, middle class or middle caste, this light is an innate state of perfection, the mind of awareness, the polishing cloth. Sometimes it is a diamond in the dust, other times a light so radiant that we want to look away because it is too truthful, too honest, too pure.

Communication in all its forms is a process of knowing this beauty, this light of the universal mind, that turns us outside in.

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Location:Mandala St,Kathmandu,Nepal


Patrick said...

Beautiful. Thank you.

Patrick said...

Beauteous. Thank you.

FlyingDakini said...

From directly across the watchful eyes of the Buddha Nath stupa in Nepal, tujay chay- thank you,
for giving time to respond.

Anonymous said...

Hi Annette,
Looks like a gorgeous place.
from your old friend, Naomi

Unknown said...

Annette your writing is inspiring and your use of transcendent metaphors to describe stuff is breathtaking, albeit a little profound and makes one think. and think again. you are beautiful light.

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